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Velocity Energy News



March 29th, 8:30pm to 9:30pm. 

Velocity Energy joined individuals and businesses in 7000+ cities across the globe to help focus our attention on the sustainability of our planet.

Watch how we all did it!

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Velocity Energy is changing the way Australia manages peak energy demand.   By aggregating reserve energy from individual standby or emergency generators and connecting them to the electricity grid, Velocity Energy supplies controllable, rapid and reliable capacity to meet peak demand. Velocity Energy’s Smart Grid virtual power stations benefit generator owners, energy distributors, energy retailers, and all of Australia!


Generator owners

  • earn revenue from existing assets,  enjoy increased generator reliability and lifespan, and make a positive contribution to a lower carbon economy


  • rapidly and reliably meet peak demand while diminishing or deferring the need to invest in expensive and excessive infrastructure

Energy retailers

  • reduce exposure to market risk and financial losses while simultaneously encouraging customer loyalty through the incentive of an additional income stream 

Velocity Energy contributes to Australia’s low carbon energy future

With energy demand increasing at 2% per year (AER, 2010) and peak demand exploding, it’s essential for Australia to embrace a variety of sustainable, low carbon energy solutions so we can continue to enjoy reliable, affordable electricity on demand.  Velocity Energy’s Smart Grid generator aggregation solution, is helping to smooth out energy demand peaks and manage peak load demand - an integral element of our low carbon future. 

Contact us today to find out how our peak demand management solution can help your business!