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Australia’s peak demand picture

Hot days; cold nights; periods of time when Australians demand electricity to power their energy intense appliances like air conditioners and heaters on top of their usual electricity demands: this is peak demand.

Traditionally, we manage increased energy usage and demand by expanding our energy infrastructure. Our peak demand picture shows that this model simply can’t continue:

  • Peak demand occurs less than 1% of the time.
  • 10% of our energy infrastructure is developed only to respond to peak demand.
  • Energy consumption is climbing at 2% per year.
  • Peak energy demand is growing at 50% of base demand growth.
  • We are already the greatest producer of carbon pollution of all developed nations.

Managing peak demand growth conventionally will cost us the world

Continuing to expand capacity to respond to peak demand will simply cost energy distributors, energy retailers, energy consumers, our country and our world too much:

  • increased electricity costs to cover billions of dollars of investment in new generation, transmission and distribution capacity
  • increased risk to energy retailers as they struggle to manage exposure to fluctuating prices
  • increased greenhouse gas emissions affecting our environment, our climate and our lifestyles.

The time to transform to a lower carbon peak demand solution is now

Our country and our government are demanding we decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and transition to a low carbon economy. Penalties, incentives and the Carbon Tax are being introduced to effect the change. The energy industry is on the forefront of the battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; we need to take the lead by introducing new, lower cost, more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to manage peak demand.

Smart Grid virtual power stations are part of the low carbon future

Smart Grid virtual power stations, like Velocity Energy’s, aggregate energy from existing assets (generators) rather than relying on capacity expansion to manage peak demand. They can be used in conjunction with bio-fuels to lower carbon emissions and they can support renewable energy sources like solar and wind. For short term bursts of peak demand, virtual power stations are a more efficient solution than reserve coal generation plants: they are existing assets so they do not require massive investment and huge carbon emissions to build – only to be used a fraction of the time; they scale up and down quickly on demand; they are localised so energy transmission loss is minimised; and, combined with bio fuels they help lower GhG emissions.


Smart Grid power stations help change the way we think about, create, deliver and consume energy. Working together with other energy efficiency initiatives, Velocity Energy’s Smart Grid power stations will help us transition our low carbon economy vision into a sustainable reality that we will all benefit from:

  • Generator owners: Earn revenue from existing assets; enjoy increased generator reliability.
  • Energy distributors: Meet peak demand while reducing or deferring massive infrastructure construction.
  • Energy retailers: Minimise exposure to market risk and financial losses; strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Energy consumers: Avoid massive electricity cost increases.
  • Australia and the world: Create a sustainable, low carbon future for our children...and theirs.

4 steps YOU can take to help transform peak demand management and transition to a low carbon economy

1. Download our carbon tax report

‘Comparison of the Impact of Carbon Pricing on the Use of Embedded Generators and Grid Supplied Electricity’

Dispel the myths and discover the facts that verify embedded generators produce less greenhouse gas emissions – using any type of fuel – than coal generated grid electricity to meet peak demand.

2. Book a presentation

Explore the details and benefits of virtual power stations with us.

3. Book a meeting

Discover the functions, features and benefits of aggregate energy peak demand management for your business.

4. Book a FREE site visit and audit

Determine the specific impact of Velocity Energy’s peak demand management solution on your business operations and profits.(* Airfares may be charged to businesses located outside state capital cities.)

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