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OnSite Energy Conference EXCLUSIVE Discount

on Monday, 02 September 2013. Posted in news


For the week of 2nd-6th September ONLY, Velocity Energy is offering an EXCLUSIVE $500 discount off general registration for Australia's leading energy conference of the year -  OnSite Energy Conference 2013.

OSEC is being held 24th-25th September at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane.  Government, industry and business leaders, including the Hon Minister McArdle Qld., Minister of Energy & Water, will be sharing their insights and experiences of onsite energy in Australia.

Richard Butcher, Velocity Energy Managing Director, will be addressing the audience on Wednesday, 25th of September.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn how YOU can profit from the smart grid with Velocity Energy's innovative embedded electricity solution - as a facility owner/manager, an energy retailer, an energy distributor or an energy consultant.

Register NOW for a $500 registration discount.   This is the opportunity of the year to join leading energy professionals to learn about - and have a say in - Australia's smart energy future.

Ready to get $500 off registration?  Keep reading to find out how...

OnSite Energy Conference 2013

on Monday, 02 September 2013. Posted in news

The inaugural OnSite Energy Conference 2013 will be held 24-25 September at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane.  Don't miss this opportunity to joing Velocity Energy and other leading energy professionals to learn about - and have a say in - Australia's smart energy future.

Not sure if you should attend?  Read the TOP 5 REASONS TO ATTEND OSEC 2013 below, and make the right choice.

Embedded Electricity Generation: Top 3 Benefits for Australia

on Wednesday, 10 April 2013. Posted in news

Embedded electricity generation is becoming more and more attractive as the disparity between base consumption and peak demand grows.  Discover the top 3 benefits of embedded generation and how it can help Australia meet its peak demand challenges.

Embedded electricity generation, also referred to as on-site generation, distributed generation, decentralised generation, dispersed generation and distributed energy, is the production of electricity at point of use. It often denotes the collection of many small sources of energy in contrast to traditional grid-supplied electricity which is sourced from one centralised point, generally a very large coal-fired power station. Distributed generation is becoming more and more attractive as a solution to Australia’s challenging peak demand management issue because of the growing disparity between base consumption and peak demand.

Why is embedded generation good for Australia?


on Monday, 18 March 2013. Posted in news

Velocity Energy is helping Australia transition to a lower carbon economy.

Personally and professionally, our employees are committed to leaving a  sustainable environment for future generations. That's why, for the third year in a row, we're participating in Earth Hour.  We've even joined the Earth Hour pledge to transition to renewable resources at our business premises.

Are you - at home or at your business - turning off and participating in Earth Hour this year, too?

Earth Hour, 8:30pm, March 23, 2013


Velocity Energy News Autumn 2012

on Monday, 12 March 2012. Posted in news

keeping you up to speed with aggregated energy news

Hello to all our generator owners, energy distributors and suppliers:

It’s been a wild and stormy summer!  Floods and power outages have wreaked havoc throughout the country; individuals, businesses – and the electricity grid – have experienced great stress.  Our warmest thoughts and best wishes go out to those who are still experiencing the effects of the wild summer weather.

We here at VE have had an eventful summer keeping Australia connected during the storm season.  Read some of the highlights in the News from Richard Butcher, MD.

Other articles  included in our Autumn 2012 Newsletter include:

Queensland Health partners with VE again

Switch off to save the world with VE:  March  31st, 2012

Meet the VE Team: Peter Aldridge 

This season we are also offering a FREE generator audit.  Don't miss out! Check out the Newsletter for details.


on Monday, 12 September 2011. Posted in news

A recent RPS report, commissioned by Velocity Energy, shows that Australia’s proposed carbon tax will not have a material effect on the net price of electricity production from diesel embedded standby generators.

The comparison was based on the emissions of a 1MW generator for run times of between 25 – 150 hours per year (reflecting production of 25 – 150MWh per year) and the energy from the grid required to produce the equivalent energy output. Key findings include:

1 - Diesel embedded standby generators will be exempt from the carbon pricing regime as they produce less than the 25kt CO2-e threshold.

Liquid fuel produced electricity is covered by the Government’s proposed carbon pricing; however, the pricing only applies to facilities producing more than 25kt CO2-e of greenhouse gas emissions. Even at the highest operational usage time modeled in the study (150 hours / year), and using any type of fuel combination, diesel embedded standby generators did not produce more than 109 tonnes CO2-e.