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Did you feel the pain of unexpectedly high spot prices in January?

Extreme weather conditions and unpredictable transmission events skyrocketed electricity spot prices beyond most of our expectations in January 2013. The effect on some energy retailers has been devastating. How did your risk management portfolio fare?

Velocity Energy’s innovative, effective and proven alternative to $300 cap products helped our energy customers limit their exposure to the volatility. In January alone, Velocity Energy delivered -

  • 58 responses to electricity pool spike events
  • 100% successful starts
  • 104% of nominated capacity.

How does Velocity Energy’s electricity price hedge work?

Velocity Energy provides a supply side solution to demand side management. We create ‘Virtual Power Stations’ by aggregating the reserve capacity of standby and emergency generators.  During periods of peak demand, when electricity spot prices soar, our fleet of aggregated generators:

  • takes site loads off the grid, and
  • exports excess energy to the grid.
The Velocity Energy proprietary ‘Andonis’ software continuously monitors the wholesale price of electricity. Whenever the 5 minute dispatch price rises above a pre-determined price point – which each individual customer independently sets according to their own requirements - an instantaneous start signal is sent to our generators.

Our customers are hedged against volatile peak prices by our controllable, rapid and reliable energy supply. We help protect you from the unexpected!

Limit your financial exposure to unexpected peak demand events!

Don’t wait until spot prices hit the roof again. Protect yourself now! Include Velocity Energy in your risk management portfolio.

Complete the form, and we’ll contact you to explain the full range of Velocity Energy benefits which include:

  • mitigating your financial risk in the unpredictable energy market
  • gaining and retaining customers with an affordable and reliable energy supply
  • adding to your 'green' credentials.

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Yes, I want to minimise exposure to financial risk in the energy trading market!

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