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How do Velocity Energy’s Smart Grid virtual power stations work?

howdoesitworkVelocity Energy’s aggregated generator solutions work to help generator owners, energy retailers, energy distributors, and all of Australia.  How?

  • Velocity Energy provides end-to-end services to connect privately owned generators to the grid.
  • Energy distributors pay Velocity Energy to manage and hold power in reserve.
  • Velocity Energy shares the payments with the generator owners.
  • Velocity Energy remotely monitors the generators 24/7, regularly runs them on-load to ensure they provide 100% reliable power and will also optionally maintain them.
  • When the grid is experiencing peak demand, Velocity Energy remotely turns on the generators to provide immediate additional power.
  • Velocity Energy provides a solution for coal power stations to reduce or defer investment in standby capacity as each megawatt of capacity connected through a Smart Grid virtual power station is a megawatt that does not have to be held in reserve.
  • Velocity Energy provides a solution for weather-dependent renewable to manage supply as Smart Grid power stations can be turned up and down in immediate response to fluctuations in supply. 

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