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Velocity Energy News Autumn 2012

on Monday, 12 March 2012. Posted in news

keeping you up to speed with aggregated energy news

Hello to all our generator owners, energy distributors and suppliers:

It’s been a wild and stormy summer!  Floods and power outages have wreaked havoc throughout the country; individuals, businesses – and the electricity grid – have experienced great stress.  Our warmest thoughts and best wishes go out to those who are still experiencing the effects of the wild summer weather.

We here at VE have had an eventful summer keeping Australia connected during the storm season.  Read some of the highlights in the News from Richard Butcher, MD.

Other articles  included in our Autumn 2012 Newsletter include:

Queensland Health partners with VE again

Switch off to save the world with VE:  March  31st, 2012

Meet the VE Team: Peter Aldridge 

This season we are also offering a FREE generator audit.  Don't miss out! Check out the Newsletter for details.


Richard_imageHello to all our generator owners, energy distributors and suppliers:

Thanks for taking the time to read the Velocity Energy Autumn 2012 Newsletter...keeping you up to speed with aggregated energy news.

Storm season support, an Ergon Energy contract for aggregated energy expertise and expansion of our Andonis Virtual Power Station Program have kept us busy this summer. Here are some of the details:

Storm season support

We helped the grid keep pumping out electricity as peak demand skyrocketed!  Our Virtual Power Stations operated for 22 hours over the past 3 months, bringing our generator owner customers over $109,400 of total revenue.  Our generator owners had peace of mind, too, as they knew as their assets were tried, tested and in optimal condition – part of the service supplied when you’re part of our Virtual Power Stations.

Want to find out about making money from your standby generator?  Click here >

Partnering with Ergon to keep Australia connected

We’re proud to announce that this summer we were selected as a preferred supplier of contracting services by Ergon Energy.  That means, as embedded generation experts, we’ll be even more instrumental in keeping power pumping through Australia.

Who is Ergon Energy?

  • Qld Government owned electricity distributor
  • 650,000+ customers
  • builds, operates, maintains electricity distribution network in regional Qld
  • responsible for ensuring regional Qld customers have an adequate, economic and safe supply of electricity

Why is VE proud to partner with Ergon Energy?

  • Ergon is already undertaking initiatives to significantly reduce demand savings and thus defer network augmentation.
  • There are widespread opportunities for demand reduction throughout its network.
  • Ergon is partnering with the best-of-the-best experts to help optimise the opportunities.

VE is proud to be selected by Ergon Energy to help them with this vital community work.  We look forward to assisting them in managing peak demand, improving network utilisation and reliability and investigating opportunities for value-added services for customers 'beyond the meter.

Andonis expansion

Generator owners jumped on board this summer for the chance to earn a regular monthly income, effortlessly, from their assets.  Our Andonis Virtual Power Station Program grew steadily, and we’ve been busy connecting and testing generators so they are ready for the benefits of 24 hour monitoring, remote fuel management, load shifting and more.

Sound interesting?  Find out more about our Smart Grid Virtual Power Station Program >

VE is serious about helping overhaul Australia’s current model of peak demand management. Simply building more and more capacity is inefficient and uneconomical; plus, it’s ruining our environment. Please, come on board with Velocity Energy to help power an energy transformation.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it You’ve got nothing to lose…and the future of your business and our world to win!

Until next time,

Richard Butcher
Managing Director

Queensland Health partners with VE again


“Velocity Energy provided an elegantly simple turnkey solution that not only gives us the reliable, increased emergency generation capacity we need, but also provides us with a healthy income stream from what would otherwise be sunken assets.”

David SmithManager – Building Engineering and Maintenance ServicesCaboolture / Kilcoy Hospitals

Based on the success they have had with VE on past ventures – like at Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals – Queensland Health has once again selected VE to provide reliable energy, and revenue, for Eventide Nursing Home at Brighton.

Eventide is a large aged care facility operated by Queensland Health. In order to support the purchase of a new generator for the facility, VE has been commissioned by Queensland Health to connect the generator to the grid so it can immediately be converted from a sunken asset to a revenue generating asset.

VE has developed the specifications for the new generator controls in conjunction with Ashburner Francis - technology consultants specialising in the design of engineering services for buildings and urban developments. VE is proud to be streamlining the design process in association with Ashburner Francis, who deliver innovative, practical and cost effective engineering solutions.

VE is supplying the control panel and providing the control upgrades that will enable the new generator to join our Andonis Virtual Power Station Program. That means Eventide’s new generator will immediately be connected to the grid and go straight to earning them valuable monthly revenue!

Don’t let YOUR generator sit idle, just waiting for an emergency.  Turn it into a generator of monthly income.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Switch off to save the world with VE:  March  31st, 2012


The health of our planet is at serious risk!  The way we’re going, we are facing a future of unaffordable energy costs, continued degradation to our environment, temperature increases, an overall diminishing of the quality of our lifestyles and an unsustainable existence for our children.  VE can’t just sit around and let this happen…can you?

Join us, and millions of others, in one hour of darkness, 8:30pm to 9:30pm on March 31st. Be part of the ‘Earth Day’ movement in over 5,250 cities and 135 countries worldwide.  By turning off your lights and all nonessential electronic equipment for one hour, you can show the world that YOU CARE about our future and that you are committed to seeing things change!

What is Earth Day?

  • An annual international environmental action event in which businesses, governments and individuals unite to turn off lights and electrical devices for one hour (the last Saturday of March, 8:30pm – 9:30pm).
  • Symbolises the collective power of individuals, businesses and governments to reduce our environmental impact on this one and only planet we call home.

Why is VE participating in Earth Day?

  • The driving force of our business is to help change the way the world thinks about, creates, delivers and consumes energy.

How is VE participating in Earth Day?

  • We are turning off all the lights and nonessential electric devices in our offices.
  • Our staff has pledged to do the same at home.

How can YOU participate in Earth Day?

  • Register to be part of a sustainable future.

Find out how VE’s Smart Grid Virtual Power Stations are helping Australia transition to a sustainable future >

Meet the VE Team: Peter Aldridge

Peter_Aldridge_photoWhat drives Peter Aldridge, our CFO, to put the pedal-to-the-metal when it comes to ensuring VE’s customersgenerate revenue quickly and consistently?

Peter Aldridge, a widely experienced and esteemed company director and business advisor, is passionate about two things:

 1) the financial aspects, elements and benefits of embedded generation

2) Formula One racing

When Peter focuses on something, he is unswerving in his fervour.  So, we know that when a Formula One race is one…he’s as good as gone! He’s been a dedicated fan since the 1960’s.

How does Peter drive VE like a Formula One race car?

From zero to sixty

Peter knows that no matter how fast a car goes, or how fast a business grows, it has to hit on all cylinders first.  With 30+ years experience as a company director and a business advisor, and a Masters of Business degree with a major in New Ventures, he’s learned to carefully cover all the bases before he takes off. That’s why when new customers sign up with VE, we can race them from zero to sixty – in revenue.

Prepare for potholes

Peter is a forward thinker.  By looking head, he ensures seamless operations to help our customers reach their goals without getting stuck.  Involved with VE since its inception, he uses his strong knowledge of Smart Generation to design viable financial outlooks for VE and our customers…with no bumps along the way.

Map the course

Every element, objective, strategy, tactic – and how each fits into the overall plan - is analysed before a Formula One car hits the racetrack. Peter brings together his specialities of corporate governance, ATO and ASIC compliance, insurance and risk, financial reporting, and contract negotiations to map the course for VE’s customers, giving them total confidence in the reliability of future revenue through connection to VE Virtual Power Stations.

Want to ask Peter a question?

One more thing you should know about Peter is that he’s friendly, and he loves to share his knowledge.  So  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ...he'll be sure to respond!

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